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Turner Syndrome Society of the United States
Katie Breedlove's Fundraising Page
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Name Date Amount Comments
Terri Breedlove 06/01/2015 $50.00 I am so proud of my daughter Katie. She has not let Turner Syndrome define her or inhibit her. She is an inspiration!
Nicklas Raab 05/21/2015 $20.00 =)
Michele/Lars Axelsson 05/21/2015 $30.00 Happy to help.
Anonymous Friend 05/19/2015 $20.00  
Chris Valdez Jr. 05/19/2015 $30.00 glad to help out.....
Bonnie Lundy 05/18/2015 $40.00 For a Diva Ginny and special daughter, Emily. Katie is blessed with such a special friend. So like Diva's.
Lisa Lacey 05/18/2015 $20.00  
Emma Onofri 05/17/2015 $20.00 Best of luck!
Diane Bateman 05/17/2015 $30.00 To support my Diva sistah Ginny who is looking out for ALL her remarkable daughters, related or otherwise; and in support of the Turner Syndrome Society cause.
Becki Goslow 05/17/2015 $20.00 Happy to contribute to an important cause.
Ginny Perez 05/16/2015 $30.00 You always have my support, Katie. xo
Debi Miles 05/15/2015 $25.00 In honor of you and Annabella
Emily Axelsson 05/15/2015 $30.00 I Love you Katie B. Your strength, adventurous spirit and determination always amaze me! Xoxo
  Total $365.00  
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